Sandya Viswanathan is a documentary filmmaker whose projects have aired on The History Channel, National Geographic Channel, and PBS. Her projects have covered a wide variety of topics: from the future of cybernetics, to girls’ education in post-war Afghanistan, to the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Currently, she produces short documentaries on current scientific research for the American Museum of Natural History, some of which have been watched by over 100,000 visitors. Sandya graduated from the University of Southern California and Columbia University with degrees in Neurobiology and Animal Behavior.




Marcus is a native New Yorker, but his passion for sharing science through visual storytelling has taken him on expeditions around the world. He has trekked through rainy jungles in Madagascar in search of the world’s rarest snakes, submerged cameras below Antarctic waters from the German research vessel R.V. Polastern, and focused his camera down microscopic lenses to spy MRSA bacteria. His film and TV clients include Science Channel, National Geographic Channel, Discovery, CNN, Animal Planet, and the American Museum of Natural History.